Uniview Held 4 Seminars in Middle East: Cutting-edge Technologies Show

March 23-30, 2018, Uniview held 4 seminars in Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, which attracted more than 700 SI, integrators and end users to attend. Uniview showcased a whole range of products and cutting-edge technologies on site, including hybrid NVR, 5MP StarView Series, VMS - Unicorn, Super Starlight, 4k Series, 44X Camera etc.


Uniview Lauches US Roadshow in March and April

Uniview, one of top 7 largest manufacturers of video surveillance products and solutions, will launch Uniview 2018 US Roadshow in six cities in USA. The first roadshow will be on 29th, March, in Los Angeles and Chicago. And then Uniview will come to Houston, Dallas, Miami and New York in the next month.


Uniview Lauches Australia Roadshow in March

Melbourne, Australia, March 20, 2018 - Uniview held the first roadshow in Melbourne. Then Uniview came to Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney in the March.


NEBULA, Network Storage Specialized in Video Surveillance

It goes without saying that today’s video surveillance systems are generating more video data than ever before. A large amount of cameras, which are increasingly moving towards to ultra-high definition, will be set up in recent years, and a lengthy video retention, such as 90 days, is also mandatory in many geographic regions due to the recent terrorist activities and increase in security concerns.


Uniview Launched EZVMS—Unicorn, Unprecedented Powerful & Versatile All-in-one VMS Server

UNV Unicorn is an easy-to-deploy, scalable, and reliable management platform integrated with management, store, decoding and transfer functions for IPC, NVR, encoder, decoder, network keyboard and cloud devices.


Hybrid NVR, Combination Makes Simple

UNV NVR201-04U/NVR201-08Q are the latest Hybrid NVR models designed to support both analog and IP camera. It is the first hybrid NVR series Uniview released. Build-in encoder can process the captured pictures at the resolution up to 5MP.