Breaking Through with Large Models - Future Trends in Night Vision Technology

Ximen Yan,
Vice president of Uniview

Hardware keeps improving, but the benefits to image quality are decreasing

In the AIoT industry, image quality has always been the core goal for IP cameras. Therefore, the key components of IP cameras have been continually upgraded in recent years. Lens apertures have increased from F1.6 in the first generation to F1.0 today, and sensors have advanced from 2013's FSI to 2018's 1/1.8 BSI sensors. Despite these improvements, we see signs that hardware development is reaching its limits. Issues like motion blur and detail loss in complex environments still persist. Further hardware upgrades are costly and face the challenge of production quality.

To achieve breakthroughs in image quality, many people are looking for solutions with fill lighting. However, even with color temperature, the improvements are subject to diminishing returns: costs rise, but the enhancements become minimal. We need to seek new technological breakthroughs.

When hardware reaches the limit of image quality improvement, what is the next technological breakthrough?

The answer lies in Wise-ISP technology based on UNV large model. Uniview is the first in the industry to apply large models to image processing, achieving significant improvements in night vision through deep integration of image technology and algorithms.

Redefining image capabilities with UNV large model

Large models have found widespread application and attention in various fields. From ChatGPT’s success in language processing to Midjourney and Sora’s advancements in text-to-image and video generation, the potential of large models is undeniable. In AIoT field, UNV large model shows strong application prospects.

UNV large model focuses on multiple aspects of the AIoT field, including vision, natural language, multimodal, and image processing, with core advantages:

  1. 1、Massive training datasets: UNV large model uses billions of high-quality datasets, covering real videos, cinematic materials, and synthetic data, including extensive RAW data from mainstream sensors.
  2. 2、Key image metrics modeling: Noise models are trained for low-light scenarios, with targeted training for challenging environments like wide dynamic range scenes, significantly enhancing the image quality of human and vehicle targets.
  3. 3、Fast training and iteration: With an in-house GPU power center capable of 100 POPS (quadrillion operations per second), model training time is reduced from 30 days to 2 days, suitable for mainstream SoCs.
  4. 4、Scalable models with low hardware resource consumption.

Additionally, the large model redefines scene coverage, with over 200 detailed scenarios achieving all-time, all-weather coverage. Uniview invested in over 200 people in the development stage, 80% of whom hold master’s degrees or higher, leading to comprehensive improvements in image technology across models, scenarios, and productization. This resulted in the unique fifth-generation night vision technology, Wise-ISP.

Game-changing Improvement in Image Quality

Based on UNV large model, Wise-ISP night vision technology surpasses traditional limits, easily handling ultra-dark scenarios and meeting diverse needs. To ensure product consistency, Uniview established an objective image evaluation system to rate camera performance in complex lighting conditions. This system looks at eight major indicators and over 1,000 image factors, optimizing each grade.

To further enhance image quality, a new automated image professional lab was built to simulate various angles, brightness levels, and color temperatures, challenging cameras in low light, ultra-wide dynamic, strong light, and complex white balance environments. The vast data generated by automated testing feeds back into Uniview’s large model, helping Wise-ISP’s model training.

Through continuous software and algorithm optimization, Uniview is leading the future of night vision technology. This is not just technological progress but a redefinition of industry development. UNV large model and Wise-ISP technology show our commitment to future image processing technology. We believe that through sustained innovation and technology growth, Uniview will continue to lead industry development, providing users with higher quality image experiences.

In the AIoT field, hardware setup determines cost, software and algorithm tuning determine image quality, and price dictates market choice. The Owlview series cameras, equipped with Wise-ISP technology, have become the top choice for night vision cameras. In the future, we will extend Wise-ISP technology to more product series, so stay tuned.

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