ColorHunter with
Smart Dual Light Technology
IR & Color Flexible Switching, Adaptable to Various Scenarios
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When the image is dark at night, most traditional IPC is equipped with the IR light to ensure that it can be seen at night. Users can only get monotomous black-and-white images after the IR is turned on, which leads to the inability to present details clearly.

Although the warm light is excellent in providing color image, it brings power consumption. This high power consumption not only means that users need to face expensive electricity bills, but also may cause light pollution to our environment.

Therefore, users urgently need a colorful, energy-saving and environment-friendly products of IPC. Now, based on UNV ColorHunter low-light imaging technology, introducing UNV ColorHunter 2.0 - UNV ColorHunter with Smart Dual Light Technology, it can switch lights flexibly and intelligently according to the scene.

Smart Illumination

Use Ultra Motion Detection technology for precise Human/Vehicle detection, enjoy color recording when target is detected, and invisible guardianship when no events.


Remotely manage camera illumination anywhere, anytime.

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