Carving a colorful world


Most crimes occur at night, which provides more convenient conditions for criminals. In video security, color-related information is crucial to identify events details especially at night. But in the low light, people, vehicles can easily hide in the background, which makes it difficult to distinguish critical elements.

What’s ColorHunter 2.0

Uniview is committed to enhancing users' image experience in dark environments, ensuring they can obtain a 24/7 colorful and sharp image. Building upon the success of ColorHunter low-light imaging technology, Uniview has now introduced the more inclusive and powerful ColorHunter 2.0 technology. This new technology is designed to capture deeper, wider, and finer colors in various dark environments, delivering vivid and detailed videos for everyone and providing a more flexible user experience.

ColorHunter with Warm Light

Enjoy 24/7 clear & colorful world with cozy & warm light.

ColorHunter with Smart Dual Light

Switch lights flexibly and intelligently according to the scene, ensuring less light pollution and more flexible experience.

ColorHunter with Wise-ISP

5th-Gen Nightview Tech: Leading to New Era