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Easy Series NVR
Excellent usability, reliability and capability.
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With excellent usability, reliability and capability, Easy series offers a wonderful choice for distribution and retail market.
Easy series does a good job in input and video storage of several IP cameras, the friendly design of device enclosure and software GUI help operator with better experience. Also, in Easy series, we can offer rich choices of different requirements, including plastic/mental shell, PoE/non-PoE model, 4/8/16/32 channels, and 1/2/4 HDD.
High Reliability
Higher I/O efficiency, secured data. Data anti-theft and accurate playback retrieval.
Ease of use
Just connect cables and power on. No extra learning cost and manpower cost.
Ease of maintenance
Cloud upgrade support both NVR and IP camera. Emergency recovery tools: no more worries about device recovery.
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