Mobile Surveillance Client App


Mobile Surveillance Client App

* Safe: data encryption, e-mail registration, pin/gesture password and real-time alarm notification

* Stable: add/manage/delete cloud devices, Clear/Balanced/Smooth switch and multi-layer network address translation (NAT) traversal

* Handy: quick add devices by scanning QR code, tap-to-drag live videos, gesture PTZ control, two-way audio and cellular/Wi-Fi data statistics

Device Management
Device management256-ch
Demo devices offered by default
Add device by manual add (P2P, IP/domain and EZDDNS),auto search, and scanning QR code
Modify/delete devices
Auto-sync cloud devices with P2P account logged in
Play control1/4/9/16 split screen display
Display by pages
Main/sub/third stream switch
Tap-drag live videos
Landscape orientation
two-way audio
PTZ controlGesture PTZ control
Focus, zoom and presets configuration
Note: PTZ control is subject to the actual functionality of NVR, IP camera and external PTZ.
Recording and Playback
SearchSearch by time
Zoom in on playback timeline by 5/30/60 minutes
Drag timeline to search
Playback1-ch playback
Digital zoom
Playback at 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x and 4x speed
Alarm Management
TypeMultiple service alarms and device alarms
Triggered actionsRecording playback and live video triggered by alarms
Real-time push alarms
P2P Account Management
Registration/loginRegister by e-mail
Skip login available
ManagementModify password and personal info
Operating systemiOS 6.1 or later
Android 3.0 or later
Memory1 GB or higher
Display resolution 480 × 800 or higher
CompatibilityApplicable to mobile phone(Android and iOS) and iPad