Success Cases

Factory Bekament, Serbia

Uniview provided video surveillance solution for Factory Bekament including 150 cameras and NVR516, monitoring perimeter, warehouses and production process. Uniview NVR516 is a super NVR which features powerful hardware and software performance. With abundant and powerful ability, it would be the perfect choice for factories like Factory Bekament.

Grolleman Coldstore, Netherlands

Grolleman Coldstore is one of the most advanced freeze and packing company in Europe which provides a complete service for companies who want to package, cool, freeze and store their products. With 2500 employees among 4 locations in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany and doing transport with their own transport company, Grolleman Coldstore is the number one in the Benelux market.

Sports Arena in Lazio, Italy

Uniview recently provided video surveillance solution for Sports Arena “Palacoccia” in Lazion, Italy. The new "Pala Coccia" of Veroli has a capacity of 3,500 individual seats in the stands for sports events and 1,000 seats on the floor for the shows.

City surveillance, South Korea

Gangnam District, which is located in South Korea, is the third largest district and 4th most populated district in Seoul. Both the Greater Gangnam Area and Gangnam itself are widely known for its heavily concentrated wealth and high standard of living, which has been compared to cities such as Beverly Hills, California. Uniview provided more than 100 IP cameras for city surveillance in Gangnam District.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts, UAE

Uniview provided video surveillance solution for three Hilton hotels and resorts in UAE which are Hilton Hotel and Spa Resort RAK, Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort, Hilton Residence and Village.

The Largest Cash Clearing Center, Zambia

Armaguard is the largest security company for cash transport among almost all of the banks in Zambia. Almost all of the banks would clear cash here. Armaguard Company owns a large office building and more than 50 securicars.