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Why Bank Indonesia Choose UNV Temperature Screening Solution?


Bank Indonesia is the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia. It is a leading member of the Alliance for Financial inclusion and actives in promoting financial inclusion policy. When people get into the branch of Bank Indonesia, they would meet an electric product at the entrance. It is one of the star products of UNV Heat-Tracker Series, which is named CW180. The voice alerts create and enforce immediate staff awareness, people with fever can be indicated at the first moment. CW180 has been used for a few months and is considered as a reliable product. So why the UNV heat tracker series was selected?

Solution and Products

The CW180 is simple to install and easy to use. Compare with the traditional tools of temperature screening, non-contact detection is much safer and can avoid cross-infection. And high accuracy screening (detection error of ±0.3℃) will not miss any abnormal condition. The voice alerts create and enforce immediate staff awareness during the morning rush hour, people with fever can be indicated at the first moment.  Moreover, the alert can be monitored by mobile applications. The CW 180 is allocated with excellent WDR and starlight, which can be adjusted on each screen.

- Accurate Measurement with error< 0.3℃
- Mask detection
- Easy to Deployment
- Support advertising and mobile APP

Uniview, the global leader of video surveillance products and solutions, is taking responsibility in helping to fight against Covid-19. With a rich series of body temperature screening products, UNV Heat Tracker Series have been used in various industries, including government, world-class hotels, shopping malls, city surveillance, banks, hospitals, educations, factories etc.  Uniview is sparing no effort on providing high quality products, cutting edge technologies and professional services for global customers.

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