Uniview introduces new APPs: UNV-Link for end users and UNV-Link Pro for installers
We are delighted to announce that in the middle of March 2024, we will officially launch UNV-Link (for end users) and UNV-Link Pro (for installers). These two apps will replace the EZView service, and it is expected that EZView will stop its service in 2027. Users who need it are advised to download the new apps in time, and they can log in with the same account to use them.

What is UNV-Link?
UNV-Link is a mobile app for security management specifically designed for end users. It supports live view, playback, alarm, and configuration. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, both experienced professionals and first-time users can easily navigate and utilize its features. Additionally, in case of any issues encountered during daily usage, the devices can be entrusted to local installers, who can use UNV-Link Pro to remotely troubleshoot and resolve device issues for the users.

What is UNV-Link Pro?
UNV-Link Pro is a mobile APP for device management specifically designed for installers, supporting device configuration and delivery during project initialization, remote maintenance after sales and other functions. Its purpose is to save costs for installers.

UNV-Link: Interface and Key Functions

1.Home 2.Live view 3.Play back 4.Alarm

5.One-click disarming

6.Alarm push filter

7.Notification push in real-time

UNV-Link Pro: Interface and Key Functions

1.Home 2.Project management 3.Device management 4.Remote maintenance

5.On-site configuration (No electricity and no network environment) with UNV-Link Pro Connect Box

6.Capture packets

7.Log in to the device web remotely

APP download scan code:

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Uniview introduces new APPs: UNV-Link for end users and UNV-Link Pro for installers
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