Connect & Create: Uniview Global Partner Summit Recap

October 31st, 2023, Hangzhou – Uniview recently hosted its much-anticipated Partner Summit for 2023. Under the theme "Connect and Create," the summit played host to over 800 attendees and featured insights from more than distinguished speakers hailing from diverse domains within the industry. CEO of Univew, Hermit Zhang, gave a strong opening for the Summit and Ximen Yan, the President of the International Business Department, delivered his quick takes on several topics.

The event shone a spotlight on Uniview's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, evident throughout the summit as experts shared their visions and unveiled the latest advancements. Discussions are made on Uniview's commitment to innovation, the introduction of new products and software updates, advancements in smart home technology, and solutions for business expansion. Renewable energy solutions and display solutions, evolving security technology, and the broader boundaries of Uniview are presented. The summit showcased Uniview's dedication to shaping the future of AIoT.

Uniview has been deeply rooted in the industry since 2011, maintaining a dedicated presence with a workforce exceeding 4,000 employees engaged in areas such as research and development, manufacturing, and various operational functions. Starting from 2014, the company has strategically allocated resources towards expanding into international markets to cater to the increasing demands of other countries.

From Trend to Success

CCTV Product Director Joyce Zhou emphasized the pivotal role of intelligence, precision, and cost-effectiveness in Uniview's product offerings. She underscored the dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions without compromising cost-effectiveness. Attendees were treated to a sneak peek at the benefits that chip technology developments brings. She pointed out that, enable precise detection and intelligent processing can be all made possible. Zhou then introduced game-changing products like the MultiView camera series and IQ series NVR, slated for release later this year.

Delved into the latest software updates in Uniview's arsenal, trio of mobile apps tailored to various user roles: UNV-Link, UNV-Link-Pro, and UBOX were introduced by Product Marketing Director Xichi Shi. During his speech, he highlighted the significance of forging closer connections with clients to cater to their unique needs.

Business Transboundary & Expansion

Uniview's comprehensive solutions for business expansion and new territories ventures were explained in this conference by experts from their new businesses.

Smart Home Expert Sun, painted a picture of the evolving smart home landscape and Uniview's pivotal role in it. Sun detailed the shift from traditional analog surveillance to wireless solutions, citing compelling cost savings and expansive growth potential in the smart home sector.

“Display Product shed light on Uniview's comprehensive solutions catering a wider variety of suited scenario.” said Chao Cheng, Display Product Expert while he showcased an array of Interactive Flat Panel Display from education - centric to enterprise solutions.

Energy Product Expert Jone Huang, unveiled HopeTrek, a Uniview brand focused on renewable energy.

Boosting Business Scale

Uniview's ever-evolving business park solution, offering a comprehensive approach to security.

Jacky Chan, Solution Expert, delved into Uniview's central management solution for chain businesses and stressed the significance of network optimization, data management, and permissions in efficiently managing and monitoring chain stores, illustrating Uniview's capacity to provide holistic solutions for remotely located businesses.

The Uniview Partner Summit 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and partners to connect and create. Uniview's commitment to connecting and creating underscores its dedication to providing cutting edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry and its customers.

The successful 2023 Partner Summit has further strengthened Uniview's commitment to fostering collaboration, and believing the creativity and innovation only come from connecting through communication and understanding of one another.

Learn more about our 2023 Uniview Partner Summit at https://global.uniview.com/Topics/2023_Uniview_Partner_Summit/

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