Uniview Redefined Starlight-StarView

Uniview releases StarView Series which features enhanced starlight illuminations. In this series, Uniview redefines starlight technology with outstanding image at super low illumination during the night for both static and moving scene, easier setting step for users to have the preeminent starlight image, and affordable price.

Redefine Image: ISP Technology

As a matter of fact, the theory of producing high quality image at super low light environment is increasing the light into the lens and image processing. StarView series includes 2MP bullet IPC2122SR3-UPF40(60) and IPC2222SR5-UPF40(60)-B, and 2MP IK10 vandal-proof dome IPC322ER3-DUVPF28(40)-B. These cameras are built in Hisilicon H.265 DSP which enabled camera particular image processing technology to enhance the image quality at super low light illumination. Specifically speaking, it enhances SN by 17dB at 0.01 lux environment, and both definition and image color at least 25% visually.

Redefine Setting: One Step to Set Starlight Image Mode

Users may have experience that although the starlight cameras are announced to be able to produce clear image at low light, it is quite hard and time-consuming for them to configure parameters.

Starlight shouldn’t be an academic project in the lab, either be a complicated configuration procedure for installer. It should be a user friendly product and easy to set up. For users who is not specialized for image configuration, they can simply click Starlight image mode to get preeminent image.

Redefine Price

StarView series balanced price and performance very well. Uniview is dedicated to launch StarView series with high cost performance.


IPC2222SR5-UPF40(60)-B    IPC2122SR3-UPF40(60)     IPC322ER3-DUVPF28(40)-B